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Pulses and Food Wholesale

Turca Food is a dried pulses wholesale exporter company in Izmir – Turkiye. As a supplier of various dried foods, we also supply lentils, peas,broadbeans, beans, pasta, fame, Olive oils, Sunflower Oils, fruitjuice. Where we once started with our own brand, we now supply ingredients to importers and wholesalers to many companies in Europe and Middle East. Turca Food is your partner if you want to buy quality products.

How we support your business

  1. Many types of packed food products we have
  2. Factory inspections, certification checking.
  3. Private Label Legumes and food packing options.
  4. Bulk Pack and Shipments
  5. Getting response on delivery times
  6. Quality inspections and fast service
  7. Exporting more than 10 countries.
  8. Sunflower oil, Olive Oil, Fruit Juice exporting.
  9. Factory visits with customers
  10. Other wholesale services

Types of Wholesale Foods

We understand that you are looking for a party that can help you with all your products. That is why you will find a diverse range of high quality products at Turca Food. Both organic and conventional. We respond to market developments and so you can also come to us for the products that are currently popular.

Food wholesale services

You are looking for packed foods, pulses. But not every wholesaler supplies the beans, peas or lentils you are looking for. Turca Food supports you in this matter. Do you want to buy dried kidney beans? Or buy dried lentils? Turca Food has several varieties available options for you. Our products are also available in various packaging, namely:

  1. Private Label packed Legumes;
  2. Bulk legumes.

Other Foods

We talk about private label when you want to have a company produce your own brand. Would you, for example, like to have kidney beans in a packaging with your logo? That is possible at Turca Food. You can buy Olive oils, Sunflower oils, Fruit Kuices with your own brand packing. 

Bulk Packaging

We also have the option to sell them to you in bulk amounts. In big bags or for liquid food products in tonnes. We supply these bags as single bags or per pallet. We can also be of service if you are looking for several pallets or a full container. Turca Food supplies to various types of customers and our services are adapted to this.

Delivery time

A large part of our products is directly available from stock. This means that we ship our products within 7-15 working days. We can always state a specific delivery time before you place the order with us.


Quality is our top priority. Turca Food works according to the IFS guidelines and usually only purchases from CE certified suppliers. We are also certified organic.

Order quantity

Our company is known for its flexibility. Depending on your selection we can divide your 40 feet container by 2-4 product types if needed. Both variants – and everything in between – are possible at Turca Food.

Other wholesale services

We not only offer our services as a pulses wholesale company. As indicated, we aim to be a total provider and so we also focus on the following services for our customers: